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DTH FIC: The Partner, The Rival and The Very Big Case, by Oceaxe (NC-17)

Title: The Partner, The Rival and The Very Big Case
Author: oceaxe
Prompt: # 39
Summary: When Harry and Nott are paired up to go undercover as fake boyfriends, Draco is disappointed not to get the assignment. It's just professional jealousy that's making him feel so upset. Obviously. He's engaged to be married to Astoria, after all.
But when he walks in on Nott kissing Harry for 'practice' and has a wild magic outbreak, he starts to think that something else might be going on. Is Nott right? Is Draco a homophobe? Or is there... just possibly... another explanation?
Rating: NC-17 | explicit
Warning(s): Based on a Reddit Thread, Jealousy or Homophobia?, Wizards using Pornhub, Computer Nerd Millicent, Ideal Best Friend Astoria, Internalized Homophobia, Auror Partners
Word Count: 24650
Author's Notes: Written for this prompt:
Harry and Draco are Auror partners. Theo is an Auror as well. In an undercover mission, Harry and Theo are required to pose as a couple. Draco has to keep an eye out for the perpetrator but he can't concentrate with Theo and Harry being so...annoying (Read: Affectionate) Draco feels- he doesn't know what he feels but it's DEFINITELY not jealousy. (Yeah, right)

And based on this article about a Reddit thread.I deeply wish I'd been able to work in the quote, "Nothing says romance like graphic violence." Many, many thanks to amorette for the never-ending beta work (and for all the em-dashes) and to goldentruth813 for the extremely encouraging cheerreading and input!! <3 <3 <3

( The Partner, The Rival and The Very Big Case )

Tags: [admin] fest-2018, author: oceaxe, contains: d/s, contains: jealousy, era: post-hogwarts, fic length: long, rating: nc-17

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