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Masterlist of the 2018 Dracotops-Harry Fest \o/

The Masterlist of the
2018 dracotops_harry Fest



ashiiblack podficced Last City: LJ | AO3 by zeitgeistic (NC-17 | 2:32:42hours)

semperfiona read Adrift: LJ | AO3 by dysonrules (R | 1:29:02 hours)

semperfiona read Seeking Draco Malfoy: LJ | AO3 by ashiiblack (NC-17 | 20:32 minutes)



anemonen created Treat you like a gentleman: LJ | AO3 (R | digital)

bafflinghaze created Let's Ride: LJ | AO3 (G | digital)

cylsus created Paper Hearts: LJ | AO3 (G | digital)

decynthus created Take Me: LJ | AO3 (PG | buttercream icing)

digthewriter created Another kiss and you'll be mine: LJ | AO3 (PG | digital)

[tumblr.com profile] DrarryProdigy illustrated The Potter's Infamous Bun: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | digital)

[archiveofourown.org profile] Oreyuusha created What He Usually Do: LJ | AO3 (G | digital)

sugareey created Rough Edges: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | digital)


articcat621 wrote Yes, Daddy: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 1000 words)

bangyababy wrote (You Ride Me) Crazy: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3600 words)

cassiara wrote Blue Roses And Other Impossible Things: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 40,200 words)

[tumblr.com profile] dorthyanndrarry wrote Lace: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 8780 words)

[tumblr.com profile] DrarryProdigy wrote The Potter's Infamous Bun: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 5200 words)

emi_chirescue wrote never knew what i was missing (but i knew once we start kissing): LJ | AO3 (PG-13 | 11480 words)

enchanted_jae wrote The thrill of the hunt: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3010 words)

[tumblr.com profile] erin_riwen wrote Have A Little Faith: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 15910 words)

goldentruth813 wrote For the price of a cup of tea: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 20410 words)

leontinabowie wrote (Un)Repress: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3600 words)

lomonaaeren wrote Most Arrogant and Loving of Men: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 30,200 words)

[tumblr.com profile] LowerEastSide wrote Whole new kinds of weather: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 2650 words)

maraudersaffair wrote Nothing but a heartbeat: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 3600 words)

mischieviolet wrote He'll Never Love You (Like Me): LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 6607 words)

nerdherderette wrote I'm Yours.You're Mine: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 10630 words)

[tumblr.com profile] nifflers-n-nargles wrote The first time, and the last: LJ | AO3 (R | 12,490 words)

oceaxe wrote The Partner, The Rival and The Very Big Case: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 24650 words)

sausaged wrote Slither Me Timbers: LJ | AO3 (R | 4630 words)

siriuslysnuffls wrote Unintended: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 5520 words)

[archiveofourown.org profile] thecouchsofa wrote Paint my spirit gold: LJ | AO3 (NC-17 | 38290 words)

[archiveofourown.org profile] Yesimawriter wrote How To Make Harry Potter Fall In Love With You: A Guide By Ginny Weasley: LJ | AO3 (R | 17,784 words)

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