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ANNOUNCING: The 2019 Draco-tops-Harry Fest \o/

The 9th dracotops_harry Fest is on!

Art by sirenelj | @sirene312

The dracotops_harry Fest is
• ... running on LiveJournal and AO3. We post a header and a link on LiveJournal, the actual fanwork is on AO3.
• ... cross-posting on Dreamwidth and tumblr.
• ... a non-anon fest. All fanworks are posted with the creators' names.
• ... is not a self-posting fest. The mods to the posting of the header posts on LiveJournal. Participants post their fanworks to an unrevealed Collection on AO3, and the mods reveal the fanworks, one or two per day.
Please check out the Rules.

Fest Schedule:
Prompt Collection: January 11 to 20, 2019
Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming starts: Sunday, January 20, 2019
Submissions due: March 22, 2019
Fest starts: Monday, April 1
Posting ends: April 28 or whenever we run out of submission
Masterlist goes up: May 3, 2019

The gorgeous promotion banner used art by sirenelj who also made the banner. thank you!

Your mods, digthewriter and vaysh

Tags: [admin] announcement, [admin] fest-2019

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