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The Draco-tops-Harry Fest 2019: Prompt Collection Post

This is the Prompting Post for the
dracotops_harry Fest 2019!

We are collecting prompts in a google doc. Please click on the link provided below, and add your most cherished top!Draco/bottom!Harry fantasies plot bunnies and story/art prompts to the Prompt Collection!

Everyone can submit prompts, even if you're not going to participate in the fest as a writer, artist, vidder or podficcer. You can submit as many prompts as you want.

Prompt Collection will end midday on January 20. On Sunday evening, January 20, we will post the Claiming Post for everyone to claim the prompt they want to write or create art for. At this point, too, podficcers will be asked to sign up for the fest.

For further information about the fest, please check out our Fest Timeline and Fest Rules.

Please leave your prompts here:
Prompt Collection Doc
– links to a google form –
If you use google for work, too, please make sure you are logged
into google with your fannish email address.
[Or open the link in incognito mode or private browsing]

You will be asked to provide the following prompt information:

Prompter: (your name)

Prompt: (your idea for the story or art you'd love to happen)

Special Request(s) (optional): (any special things you may want to see)

Squicks: (anything you don't want to see at all)

Maximum Rating: (can range from G to NC-17)

Anything else (optional): (anything else you want to add to your prompt)

Any Drarry top!Draco fic you would love to have podficced (the shorter the fic, the highter the chance that someone takes it up for podficcing)

Prompt List for perusing and squeeing. (The list is being filled with the prompts coming in.)

If you have any questions, mail us at dracotopsharry@gmail.com or leave a comment here on this post. Thank you!

And now ...

... leave all the top!Draco/bottom!Harry prompts you can think of
♥ ♥ ♥

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