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DTH ART: Say You Won't Let Go, by sugareey (R)

Title: Say You Won't Let Go
Artist: sugareey
Prompt: # 6
Summary: Harry and Draco couldn't get enough of each other, so they resorted to late night strolls within the castle's corridors. Usually, that meant "catching up", or engaging in really heated snogging sessions.
Rating: Mature/R (just in case)
Warning(s): While there is snogging, there is also the implication of sexual activity that's about to happen (aka the trousers are coming off).
Medium: Digital Art
Artist's Notes: lijahlover, this prompt was irresistible, so I had to snag it! It's classic for Harry and Draco and I thought it would be fun getting them somewhere dark-ish and alone. I know there are a few details I left out (like Draco's shirt still being tucked in and having torches instead of candles), but I hope some of the other surprises make up for it. Enjoy. Cheers! ;D

( Say You Won't Let Go )

Tags: [admin] fest-2019, artist: sugareey, genre: romance, rating: r, type: art

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