dracotops_mods (dracotops_mods) wrote in dracotops_harry,

DTH FIC: Sweetheart by leontinabowie, NC-17

Title: Sweetheart
Author: leontinabowie
Prompt: # 100 - AurorPartners!Drarry.
Summary: Draco and Harry are Auror partners, and for some reason Draco has taken up the habit of calling Harry "Sweetheart" like it's a normal thing. It gets Harry all hot and bothered.
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Warning(s) | Content Notes: PWP, closet sex, playful/light D/s dynamics, praise kink
Word Count: 2200
Author's Notes: Hope you all enjoy this smutty little fic :) Thank you to Emma for the beta, and to the mods for organising this brilliant fest again.

( Sweetheart )
Tags: [admin] fest-2019, fic length: short, genre: pwp, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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