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DTH FIC: a cheater, i am not. a lover, that i am. By sausaged, (M)

Title: a cheater, i am not. a lover, that i am.
Author: sausaged
Prompt: # 123 Their breakup was over a misunderstanding, but Harry’s not sure what to believe anymore. "You cheated on me, Malfoy!" "Cheated?!" "Got any proof you haven't?" Getting back together fic.
Summary: Draco's exhale was shaky. "It... It isn't like that," he begins, suddenly uncertain of himself.
Rating: M/mature
Warning(s)|Notes: Everybody lives AU.
Word Count: 2830
Author's Notes: i would like to thank the mods for their continuous patience with me. TT^TT i would also like to thank my unnamed beta-- all remaining mistakes are my own. i'm sorry!
this is... quite a little different than what i had originally imagined when i first picked up the prompt. i sincerely apologize for my lack of devotion to the original prompt. it was supposed to be funny. but somehow it just... isn't. :'( i hope all the readers will still enjoy it!

( a cheater, i am not. a lover, that i am. )

Tags: [admin] fest-2019, contains: angst, contains: misunderstanding, ewe, fic length: short, rating: r, type: fic

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