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DTH FIC: Pretence, by AkaShika

Title: Pretence
Author: AkaShika
Prompt: # 29
Summary: When The lord and abdicated king of Islington and London announces that his heir is coming of age, royalty from around the Isles and all of Europe is invited to the celebration, including Prince Draco, whose father has told him that Lord Black's Heir is also his betrothed.
Rating: Mature | R
Warning(s) | Content Notes: Side Wolfstar, Side Lucissa, AU - Royalty, Arranged Marriage, boys kissing
Word Count: 25789
Author's Notes: I saw this prompt just a few days before claiming opened and discussed a few ideas with a friend, when I blamed her for dragging me into yet another fest she said "And ode to me and why I'm your muse will be sufficient." She asks that all fanmail be sent to her personal assistant Hubert who is a one-eyed, peg-legged gnome with a Romanian accent. (much love to you my darling, this wouldn't exist without your enabling ways.)
Many thanks go to my beta, O for helping me so much when I needed it and encouraging me. Bonus cheerleading points to C and F. Thanks also go to Dig for prompting this piece and the other mods for this fest who are fantastic and brilliant.

( Pretence )

Tags: [admin] fest-2019, author: akashika, contains: arranged marriage, fic length: medium, rating: r, type: fic

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