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DTH FEST 2020: This is where you sign up.

claiming for the tenth dracotops_harry Fest is now open

Claiming will close on March 22.

Please make sure to read the rules before claiming a prompt. Rules are on: LJ / DW

The prompts are here:
Draco tops Harry Prompt List 2020

Important Dates:
Sign-ups & Prompt Claiming starts: Today, February 1st.
Submissions due: March 22
Fest starts: APRIL 1ST
Posting ends: April 28 or whenever we run out of submission
Masterlist goes up: May 3


• Prompt claiming is on a first-come, first-claimed basis.
• Claiming by proxy is permitted. (i.e. somebody else can claim for you)
• Sign-ups are done via a Google Form (see below).
• You have to state your first, second and third choices for a prompt when you claim.
• Each prompt can be claimed once for art, and once for fic. A prompt can be claimed also for fic AND art.
• Please state whether you are claiming for fic or for art.
• Yes, you may claim your own prompt. :) Just tell us in the Sign-up form,.
• You can claim only one prompt at a time. Once you submitted your fic/art to the mods, you may claim another prompt. You may claim up to three prompts. (Exception: You claim a prompt for both fic and art.)
Podficcers, please sign up here, as well. More information on the podfic sign-up is below.

Sign-up Form
– links to a google form –

If you use google for work, too, please make sure you are logged
into google with your fannish email address.
[Or open the link in incognito mode or private browsing]

In the Sign-up Form you will be asked for your

Email Address where we can reach you
Your first claim for prompt # (tell us whether you claim for fic or art)
Your second claim for prompt # (tell us whether you claim for fic or art)
Your third claim for prompt # (tell us whether you claim for fic or art)
If you are claiming your own prompt. (tell us a bit aboutyour own prompt idea)
If you are signing up as a podficcer. (let us know which fic you are going to podfic)

How prompt claiming works:

If your first choice of prompt is not yet claimed, it's yours! If your first choice is already claimed, you will get your second choice. If your second choice is already claimed, you will get your third choice. If your third choice is claimed, we will ask you to submit another three choices.

If you only want to request one prompt, that is perfectly fine. Take the risk of it being claimed and you starting over.

Once you filled out the Sign-up Form, you will receive an email from the mods about which of your claimed prompts you got and how to submit your fic, art or podfic. Please be patient. It may take up to 36 hours until we managed to send out all emails to fest participants.

We will be updating the Prompt List ASAP to indicate which prompts have already been claimed.

Once you are signed up, you will see this message:

So just wait for us to email you!

How to sign up to record a podfic:

Please make sure to read the Info Post about Podficcing before signing-up to podfic for the dracotops_harry Fest.

• All podfics must be H/D and top!Draco. In this fest, switching between the boys is not allowed.
• You need to get permission from the author before you submit your podfic to us.
• If you would like to podfic a story but haven't decided yet which one, please sign up now and let us know before March 10, 2020, which story you have chosen.

Any questions or concerns? Please email us at dracotopsharry@gmail.com or comment on this post.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Posting is NOT anonymous but sign ups are anonymous. Which means, after you have signed up and have received your assignment, please do not announce to the world what you're writing or creating art for. You can discuss out in the open that you're writing for DTH and may ask friends for help- just use your discretion. Please do not be like "OMG, I GOT PROMPT 88 FOR DTH--" But you can discuss with your friends in private or in chat forms (aka discord) - we still want to have some secrets, anonymity, and fun.

Your very excited fest mods
digthewriter & sassy_cissa

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