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Mod Announcement - Posting delayed by a few days.

Update from mods at dracotops_harry | [tumblr.com profile] dracotops-harry Fest.

Times are tough and the creative process is even tougher. For everyone, we'd like to announce that - for the DTH fest 2020 - we have extended the submission deadline to Sunday, April 5th.

Posting is also delayed by a few days. We have a couple of awesome members who are on the verge or sending in their works or have already sent it in, so we don't want to delay too much out of respect for those folx.

Posting will begin on Sunday, April 5th. We will post every day or every other day (haven't decided yet) a fic or art.

This also means that if there are any late-comers who are fast writers and creators - you are still welcome to sign up. We have lots of prompts available (here) and the sign up post is here. Feel free to email us questions: dracotopsharry@gmail.com.

Recap: Extensions, if you need one, have been granted and works are now due on April 5th. (But send your stuff early if you can help it) + Posting will begin on Sunday, April 5th.

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