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FEST 2020 - Posting Begins April 5th!

Hi everyone! We hope you're excited for the 10th annual Draco Tops Harry fest! Posting will begin in ONE WEEK - on April 5th and we've got everything for you. We have art, fic, and podfic! We hope to post for two weeks and then do a final round up by the end of April.

Thank you to our awesome members who have already submitted their first entry (and a couple have claimed another!) - and those that are still working hard at it and plan to submit by Sunday next week.

The community is a success because our writers, readers, and artists, are awesome!

So make sure to check us out starting Sunday, April 5. We can be found on:

+ Tumblr
+ Livejournal &
+ Dreamwidth

All entries will be posted on ao3 - so follow the AO3 Collection!

For questions or comments, please email dracotopsharry@gmail.com. (If you send us a DM - chances are - no one is going to check it.)

Please use the banner code below to help us pimp on LJ/DW.

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