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[DTH 2021] Prompt List & Prompting is Open until January 29

The prompt list for DracoTopsHarry Fest 2021 is now available. This list will be updated daily (once or twice a day) until prompting closes on 29th January, 11:59pm ET. Claiming will begin on 1st February (Monday). If you see any errors - please reach out to dracotopsharry at gmail. com.

For claiming, you can claim your own prompt. If you do not like any prompts listed, you can sign up w/ your own idea. Each prompt below can only be claimed once for fic and once for art. When claiming begins, we will mark the prompts that get claimed as they go. This fest is non-anonymous but discretion is requested. Watch our space on Livejournal / Dreamwidth / Tumblr for claiming links and other info.

Enjoy the prompts we have so far and don’t forget to leave a prompt! (Rules)

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