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DTH 2021 [ART]: The Prince & His Knight

Title: The Prince & His Knight
Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Prompt: # 4 from veelawings (Royalty AU. A is a Prince (not 1st in line for the throne) and B is his faithful Servant or Knight.)
Summary: The prince and his faithful knight watch as a new king is sworn in. Most people expected Prince Draco to be jealous but Draco is happy to have Harry and nothing else matters.
Rating: G
Medium: Digital. Photoshop & some digital filters.
Artist's Notes: Dear Veelawings, I wanted to create something for you, I hope you like it. You are always so kind with your comments on my fic and art and I really appreciate you in the fandom! You are such a gem! ♥ The prince and the knight theme made me think of a chess board which was mostly the inspiration for this.

(The Prince & His Knight)
Tags: [admin] fest-2021, artist: digthewriter, rating: g, type: art

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