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DTH 2021 - PODFIC: Time Will Tell | read by: bluedreaming.

Title: [Podfic] Time Will Tell
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Podficcer: [personal profile] bluedreaming
Cover Artist: [personal profile] bluedreaming
Author's Summary: Harry needed a place to crash and hide, Draco provided that and eventually, he provided more than just a sofa to sleep on. Harry found a way to Draco's bed, but will he ever be able to find his way into Draco's heart?
Story: Time Will Tell
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning(s): angst, jealousy, insecurity
Length: 37:17
Download Links: link to M4B + MP3
Reader's Notes: Thanks to digthewriter for offering this fic to record and to saegifu for the beta listen.

Tags: [admin] fest-2021, author: digthewriter, rating: pg-13, reader: bluedreaming, type: podfic

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