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A Christmas Cracker Fic Challenge

Please join us for: A Christmas Cracker Fic Challenge

Once again, the Mounted Empire is presenting a multi-group fic challenge. Authors may write Draco/Harry, Lucius/Harry, or Severus/Harry as they like, using the same outline. The more, the merrier, as long as Harry bottoms!

The challenge is due on Jan 1st, 2007. FYI-there will be *NO* extensions on this deadline. We have previously extended challenge deadlines per request to allow time for fics to be finished; but too often, no fics are turned in, despite our being told the author was almost finished. This throws off our timetable. We *love* having you enter and look forward to your participation; but it's important to get the fics in on time.

The challenge itself:

Write 12 drabbles of 100 words each for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, with the final one being set on Christmas day itself. The pieces may be related if you like, to form a continuous "story"; but they don't have to be. Make it clear that each piece is 12, 11, 10, 8, etc, days until Christmas.

Authors are required to use one of the following words in each drabble. You may use more than one in each if you like; but there must be *at least* one in *each* drabble.

In no particular order, the words are:


We are no longer *requiring* an author have a beta reader, due to the difficulty it causes some of our potential authors. We do strongly urge you to have your fic betaed, as it *does* help; please ask for assistance, if you need help.

Please use the following header when posting your fics:

Beta (if any):
Author's livejournal or website (if any):

Also, please state that the fic is in response to The Mounted Empire's A Christmas Cracker Fic Challenge. Please do not post it elsewhere until the challenge is over; then you may post it where you like.

Draco/Harry fics may be posted at their lj, located at:

Draco/Harry fics should also be posted at the new group home, located at:

Lucius/Harry fics may be posted at their lj, located at:

Lucius/Harry fics should also be posted at Beneath Me, located at:

Severus/Harry fics may be posted at their lj, located at: 

We don't have a new Snarry group up yet, but soon.

and if you'd like to be the very first to post a fic at the brand spanking new Tom Riddle-Lord Voldemore/Harry lj, it's located at: 

Again, a new group home for this pairing will hopefully be up soon. We'll keep you posted.

Just make sure that Harry bottoms to whomever you choose, and post to the appropriate lj. If we get the new groups up in time for this, I'll pass along the addys. Don't be nervous of lj-if ole scaredy-cat Pesti can do it, you can, too!

If you have any questions not answered in this outline, please ask Pestilence at  or , and I'll do my best to round up a solution for you. You may also ask the group owner Mystic at We hope you enjoy your new fic challenge and have fun with it. Now, everybody grab a Christmas Cracker and pull...!

There's surprises inside.


The Horsewomen

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