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A Hello, a Rec and a Request

Hey guys, hope everything's going okay!
I've been lurking for the longest time but now I've finally decided to give a formal 'hello' and offer up a recent Drarry fic that I read (and it blew my mind).

The Burning Times by DracosDirtySecret
Summary (copy&pasted): "At the end of the War, wizarding governments worldwide have reconstructed themselves from the ground up. People from the wizarding world now find themselves co-existing with those from the Muggle world and vice versa. Draco Malfoy finds himself appointed an Ambassador by the new Minister of Magic, Albus Dumbledore, and Harry Potter is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. This is where life as they know it ceases to exist. When Draco is sent away to a far off land, he lands himself in a world of trouble and is sent to a Muggle prison. Stripped of his ability to perform magic, and denied any contact with the outside world, Draco finds himself unable to even contact the new husband he left behind. But Draco’s woes are nothing compared to those of his husband’s... M/M, Slash, A.U., Angst, Dark Fic, Character Death, MPreg, Drug Abuse, Rape, Torture, O.C.(s), & OOC just to give you fair warning."

I looked around to see if someone had already rec-ed it but didn't find anything, so, I hope it's alright.
Great story, sometimes hard to swallow, but overall, it'll change your outlook on certain aspects of life (haha, yeah, it's DEEP!). Angst ALERT! Your radar should be going crazy, but it was worth all the tears, really...somewhat.
There's gonna be a sequel if any of you are interested!

Also, I have a request if anyone is willing to spare a few minutes, for a fic rec. from you guys. Please, a happy-ending Drarry fic! I just don't want girly Harry but I'm at the point where I don't care anymore, as long as it's flangsty but ends happily...just, ANYTHING HAPPY! (a sexy Draco would be a plus, but he's always sexy, so *shrugs*)

Have a great day guys and thanks so much for reading! (even if you don't rec me anything, read a bit of 'The Burning Times', it's honestly amazing even under all that angst)
Tags: contains: switching, era: post-war, genre: angst, genre: dark, genre: mpreg, kink: non-con, rating: nc-17, rec, type: fic

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