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Hello All! This is my first time posting anything at all, so please bear with me and do not hesitate to inform me if I do something wrong. I have for you two things. First, a fic. Please READ THE WARNINGS, as this kink is not everyone's cup of tea.
Title: Harry's Secret
Author: Livelovelemis
Warnings: Watersports
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This is a short oneshot written in reply to little-alyx's search at I hope you like it!
Warnings: Watersports, smut
Genre: Total PWP
Length: Oneshot
A/N:This is not betad
NB: I know underage magic is not allowed outside of Hogwarts. For my purposes, I am assuming that the ministry cannot detect wandless magic.

Harry Potter was sick. It wasn't right that he liked it, that it made him hard. All those years with the Dursleys, he'd learned to take pleasure in every little thing. Before Hogwarts, he'd been a master at controlling his bladder, staying in his cupboard for days without pissing. Sometimes he'd done it on purpose, holding it as long as he could, just to feel the sweet relief when he finally let go.
By the summer before fifth year he had perfected just one wandless spell. Scourgify. Now when the Dursleys locked him in his room, he didn't have to worry about controlling himself until he was let out. He could piss whenever he wanted, and it was wonderful.
The first time Harry did it, he was shocked at how good it felt. He woke up in the night, with the pressure already unbearable, and just let it come out. It felt wonderful to let go, to piss on himself, soaking his pajamas, his sheets, everything. With the first hot spurt from between his legs, Harry moaned with pleasure and relief. It dripped down his thighs and drenched his cock and balls. The smell made him dizzy with joy, and he lay panting after he had given all he had. He rolled over to go back to sleep, intending to deal with his mess in the morning, when another type of pleasure shot through him. He gasped, appalled. How could he be hard when he had just peed himself? But he was, unbearably so, stiffer then he had ever been in his life. Intent upon ignoring this disgusting display from his treacherous body, he closed his eyes. But sleep evaded him, and his erection did not go away. After what seemed like hours of waiting, Harry's exhaustion forced him to eliminate his problem so he could sleep. He couldn't touch himself, he wouldn't, that would make everything even more real, to feel his hand on his dick inside his still wet pajama bottoms. In desperation, he rolled onto his front and thrust his hips against the mattress. The wave of pleasure that crashed over him was amazing in its intensity. Harry continued thrusting, but it wasn't enough, and he was so hard it hurt. He shoved his pillow down between his legs, giving welcome friction for his aching cock. Within minutes his balls were drawing up and he was coming, so hard that star-bursts exploded before his eyes. With a grimace, he cast a scourgify and regretfully vanished the mess around his groin. It took him hours to fall asleep.
After awhile, Harry accepted what he liked, but it still worried him. Was he a freak, just like the Dursly's had always told him? He told himself he wasn't, that everyone had their kinks. But he hadn't ever been able to tell anyone, not even Draco. They'd been dating since the end of seventh year, after the war was over, almost three years ago. They had experimented a good deal, but it was always Draco 's idea, never Harry's, to try something new.
Harry still allowed himself the supreme pleasure, but now he never wet the bed, instead sitting in the bathtub while Draco was at work, washing all evidence of his activities down the drain. Now he allowed himself to wank off, the piss providing a nice lubricant. But what really spurred him on was his fantasies of Draco. Draco watching while he pissed all over himself, soiling their bed. Draco pissing on him while he jerked off. His favorite fantasy was rarely used, because it was so dirty, so wrong, that it made Harry's face flush when he thought about it. But he loved it so much; it could make him cum seconds after touching himself.
Harry decided to wait for an opportunity to present itself to tell Draco what he wanted. He had no idea what this opportunity could be; it might never come at all. So Harry waited, glad to have an excuse to keep his secret.

An opportunity presented itself within the month.


Draco must have had an erection for awhile, because when he pushed Harry up against the door of their bedroom he was rock hard and there was a wet spot on his pants from his leaking cock. Harry barely had time to react before he was thrown on the bed with his clothes strewn around the room, and Draco's fingers hurriedly preparing him. Without any warning, Draco slammed into him, setting a rapid pace that Harry knew he would not be able to maintain for long. When he reached for his own cock, Draco slapped his hand away, his hips snapping furiously. Harry was nowhere near completion when Draco's rhythm faltered and he came forcefully. Collapsing onto Harry, his softening prick still inside him, his gasping breaths gradually evened out and he lifted his head to look at Harry.
Quirking an eyebrow, Harry said "Stressful day at the Ministry?"
Draco nodded "Yeah, are you alright? Did I hurt you?"
Harry shook his head, but blushed and said "I haven't, uh..." He broke off, gesturing at his still hard member.
Draco grinned, reaching down to finish him off, but than a surprised look replaced the grin, and he moved as if the get off Harry. "Shit, I'm sorry love, I have to piss. I'll be right back."
Harry grabbed his arm, locking his legs around Draco's waist to keep him inside of him. Draco stopped, looking at Harry oddly. Harry stared at him for a long minute, blushing furiously, before saying, "Don't leave. Do it here, inside me."

End Flashback

Draco gaped at him, and Harry blushed harder, looking away from him. He felt fingers on his chin, and Draco turned his head, forcing Harry to meet his eyes. "Do you know what you're asking for?"
"Yeah. I want you to piss in me." Harry said, his blush heightening, but meeting Draco's eyes.
Draco looked at him for a few seconds before nodding resolutely. He moved his hand to stroke Harry's hair, closing his eyes and waiting...
Harry gasped and his prick twitched violently when Draco's penis jerked inside him and he felt hot liquid squirt out, flooding his entrance and drumming against his prostate. Draco must have really had to go, because the stream kept up for what felt like hours, his piss filling Harry and spilling out of him, down his legs, soaking the bed. Harry fisted his hands in the sheets, not even needing to touch himself as he thought about the fact that Draco was pissing in him, claiming him, filling him with that hot, dirty liquid. His hips jerked and he was coming, hot white spurts of cum shooting out of his cock as Draco kept up the stream inside of him. As the last few ropes of cum leaked out of Harry's dick Draco was still pissing. The stream stayed strong at first, but soon tapered off and Harry moaned at the loss as Draco pulled out of him. Desperately, Harry grabbed Draco's hips and took him in his mouth, groaning at the mixture of cum and piss that flooded his mouth. His cock, which he'd thought was spent, leaked a few more dribbles of cum out the slit.
"Um, Harry?"
Harry looked up at Draco and hurriedly removed his mouth, blush returning in full force.
"Love, what was that?"
Harry swallowed nervously and stammered "Well, I... that is... you see". And then so quietly Draco could hardly hear him, "I've always wanted you to piss in me".
Draco smirked. "Well, you should have just said so." He grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him toward the bathroom. "C'mon, lets see what other dark secrets you've been hiding!"

Well? Did you hate it? Did you like it? Tell me! I am always hoping to improve!

Okay, second thing. I rather like writing, but plot is not something I can usually maintain, so I basically just write PWP. I am not very good at coming up with ideas for even plotless oneshots, but I do very well with prompts. So, if you guys want, I have an offer. The first person who comments on the above fic (It's alright if you didn't actually read it, I don't expect everyone will like that kink) can give me a prompt for a PWP, preferably a kink/fetish but that's not manditory. And I will write it. You can be really specific with what you want or rather general, I don't care, I'll write just about anything. And then the first person to comment on that fic, once I post it, can request a prompt, and so on and so forth. Yes? No? Tell me what you think.
Tags: author: livelovelemis, fic length: one shot, genre: pwp, kink: watersports, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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