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[Fic Post] Sleeping arrangements

Title: Sleeping Arrangements

Series: Not right now... May not stay that way

Author: jade-requiem aka Aneira

Rating: N-17

Warnings:My -first- attempt at smut without plot so... yes, well lets see how badly this goes ^-^;; Contains, crossdressing, kinda dubcon, blackmail. Dm/HP. Guy on Guy stuff.

Disclaimer: Characters, places and such belong to JKR and various publishers unless otherwise specified.

Summary: It took a whole minute for Harry to understand just exactly what he was looking at and when he did, his eyes widened quite comically. For held out between Draco's hands was a pale pink negligee . It didn't look very long. In fact, it seemed ridiculously short in Harry's opinion. With puffed sleeves and ribbons and piles of lace.

A/N: UNBETA'D. Pretty much all my work is. If anyone is willing to, it would be greatly appreciated. The written version of the comic I'm working on. As well as the two pics I've already drawn with the same title....

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Tags: author: jade-requiem, fic length: one shot, genre: pwp, kink: crossdressing, kink: dub-con, rating: nc-17, type: fic

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