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Recs-sharing feast, anyone?

Hi! I came bearing gifts and expect you to answer in kind ;)
'cause, you know, there are wonderful Veela/MPreg/Vamp fic lists here, but what about all the other amazing stories?

So rake your mems, pleeease, for I'm starving for some Draco/Harry lovin' here, but first let me entertain you with my favourites, some of those you maybe haven't read yet:)

Honeyduke's luxury selection by dragon_charmer
Lovely four ficlets, hot and literally sweet, the link is to the first one. Hogwarts era.

The Last Night of the World by fourth_rose
The night before the last battle. Draco/Harry/Tonks technically, which actually should be Draco/Harry and Tonks, in the sense that D/H part is clearly the most important. Read if you haven't yet, it's wonderfully real, hot and simply beautiful.

A Lot Like Love by lucilla_darkate
After the war. Nobody knows where Harry finds comfort these days. Painful, bone-chilling and hot, cruelly honest, surprisingly warm and just fascinating.

Any Way You Want Me by ifyouweremine
A clumsy urgent first time, stubborn boys. Awkward, funny and very hot. Hogwarts era.

three fics by spark_of_chaos at skyehawke:
A Blue-Eyed Lie
Gender-bending story. Harry wants to know Draco better, but they always fight. So obviously he'd just Polyjuice himself into a girl and try to seduce him, right? Hogwarts era.

Lost Cause
Draco and Harry are at Aurors' Training Camp. Old rivalry blossoms freely. Harry lost in a fight and now must fulfill Draco's wish..

Achingly beautiful middle-war story. Draco's a prisoner (at Hogwarts, I think), Harry watches and yearns for something he searched all his life.

What Separates Us by amy
Long, plotty, delicious. Hogwarts era.
I tend to be sceptical considering fics which end with a proposal, be it slash or het, but it's very good. Awesome work.

Oh, forgot to mention, all of them are NC-17 ar at least R. ;D

AND - one just R, no clear details about topping issue, but freakin' awesome!
Drop Dead Gorgeous by mistful
WIP, eleven chapters so far and we're clearly near the end of the journey *weeps* After the war, Draco and Harry are Aurors. A sudden revelation that Harry's part Veela complicates life in a big way for everyone. Funny like whoa, hot, detailed, plotty, the most intricate, multi-layered, talented and lively prose I've ever met in fanfic.
Tags: contains: switching, rec, type: fic

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