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Draco/Harry Manifesto

It was initially posted at harrydraco.

I understand I'm preaching to the choir here, it's just I like this community SO MUCH and I would like your opinions on the subject.

Draco/Harry Manifesto

YES, I prefer Draco topping. Pfft - so sue me!

1. Canon

I usually prefer stories to be as close to the canon as possible. Yes, I like D/H, but it doesn't mean I like reading The Eternally Sophisticated Ice Prince!Draco, OK? It doesn't.
I like prone-to-theatrics!Draco, childish!Draco, obsessed-with-his-hair!Draco, sarcastic!Draco, easily-infuriated!Draco - it's all in the text. I just DON'T like when these characteristics are read as indicating his inherent "bottomness"/girliness, you know?

Likewise, I prefer hot-headed!Harry, strong!Harry, awkward-with-feelings and socially-challenged!Harry, but I don't understand why it should always mean he'd prefer topping.
It's like this nightmarish cliche that the bottom one is always smaller, prettier, girlier or younger.
And please don't even get me started about Harry's "Quidditch-toned muscles" vs Ickle Puny!Draco - they are BOTH Quidditch jocks, damnit!

2. Equality

I want D/H to be equal. I think equal relationships are the way it should be. And I have no problems with "versatile toppings", OK?

But: there are preferences, like it or not. For example - give me two very good stories, one with the plot like this: "Harry and Draco fall in love/bed, Harry makes love/fucks Draco like this, and then like that, and however else, and then he lets Draco fuck/love him too, then the climax/denouement follows, Harry Makes Love (now for sure) to Draco, final kiss, curtain falls" and a story with the same structure, reverse the names - and I'll undoubtedly choose the latter one.

Or it could be "Harry and Draco, being stubborn and fiercely competitive teenaged boys they are and trying to rationalize their growing feelings for each other, take turns fucking each other - just so no one's the 'girl', you see - then some plot events, war's coming yada yada they fall in love with each other and their preferences become more pronounced" - and here I'd like them taking shape of Draco/Harry, not the other way round.

AND - I'd like to say that some people have their preferences more rigid. It's OK, you know? And it doesn't mean a relationship is unequal. So if Harry in some story prefers to bottom always/most of the time, it's totally OK with me. (and yes, if it's Draco, I won't read that, I prefer D/H, remember?)

3. Kinks

Everyone has kinks, me too, and I'm OK with this concept.

But - "I like Harry (mostly) bottoming" doesn't always equate with "I like BDSM", it's NOT the same notion, people!
Someone can like D/H with BDSM, I myself don't, so what?

4. Labeling

There are PG-13/G stories and R/NC-17 ones. Oh. My. God, how much would I appreciate clear labeling of the latter! The sex is described, please indicate who's penetrating whom!
Really, I fail to see the problem here. It would make my life SO much easier.

(As an afterthought: some people would say this issue concerns only heavy-rated fanfic, but there are clearly-H/D or D/H-oriented stories where the sex isn't described/vaguely described. In those cases I'd prefer them labeled too, if it's not too much trouble).

So - what I'm trying to say here - let's please don't be prejudiced!
Some people can read any good story, some won't read Draco/Harry, I won't read Harry/Draco, so what? It's the same 'ship, for God's sake!
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