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Harry/Draco drabbles

Title: Anything For You Part Four
Author: lijahlover
Team: Aurors
Word Count: 100x2
Rating: R for language
Characters: Draco/Harry
Challenge: dracoharry100:Crush
Warnings:The Vamps go to a club! Where there is kissing and thrusting :)
betaed by no one so all mistakes are mine!

This is for my friend hogwartsvixxxen...Happy birthday hun :)

Draco pulled Harry out of the crush of people in the smoky, dark,crowded dance floor the beat loudly pulsed and throbbed around them. "I see someone over there staring at you lover" grinned Draco his grey eyes darkened. "He wants you" he purred in Harry's ear...why don't you drink from him?"

"Mm-mm...I should...I'm thirsty" replied Harry as he licked his red lips. He walked over to the slightly shorter man and smiled at him. He reached out his hand and brought the other man's mouth closer as his lips trailed over the other mans without touching.


Harry pushed up against the other man as he brutally crushed him against the wall and sank his fangs into the man's pale throat drinking his life's blood.

Draco walked up behind Harry and started to grind his growing erection against Harry's arse. His lips sucked and nibbled on the back of Harry's sensitive neck,feeling him tremble under his lips. Draco tenderly touched Harry's stomach and slowly brought his hand up to Harry's nipples.

"Mm-mm.." moaned Harry as he suddenly stopped and twirled around. He started to kiss Draco, he devoured him as he ground their hard cock's together.

Link to parts 1-3
Tags: creature: vampire, fic length: chapter, genre: pwp, rating: r

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