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FIC: In the Dark

Title: In the Dark
Authors: slashpervert and broken_anchor.
Betas:: brknhalo241, rivendellelf and Mini Mouse.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: ADULT
Genre: Smut, Horror
Pairing: Harry/vampire
Length: 27,500 Words. (12 Chapters.)
Warnings (Mark to Read): Language, Explicit M/M Sex, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Bondage, Non-con, Dubious-Con, Blood, Addiction. Bottom!Harry.
Summary: Auror Harry Potter is investigating a murder when he is captured by a vampire intent on seducing him.
Notes: Post-DH, No Epilogue (EWE). Icon designed by slashpervert based on THIS art by WolfenMoondaughter.
Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial work of fan fiction intended for adult audiences only. No copyright infringement intended. (Full Disclaimer!)

[This story is complete!]

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Tags: contains: addiction, creature: vampire, fic length: long, genre: dark, genre: smut, kink: blood-play, kink: bondage, kink: dub-con, kink: non-con, kink: rimming, rating: nc-17

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