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Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Harry's Parakeet
Challenge:Parakeet at speedpronz :)
Word Count:100
Rating:Hard R
Disclaimer:I just wish I owned them but I don't *pouts* And no parakeet's aren't harmed LOL!
betaed by no one so point out my mistakes....

Draco moved his mouth from Harry's he loved looking at his sexy,flushed boyfriend with his lips red and swollen from his kissing. Draco nibbled his way down to Harry's neck to nip on Harry's sweaty skin. He pressed his mouth on Harry's pulse, throbbing in his throat.

"Fuck...yes Draco...take me....I need you."

"Need you to love..." groaned Draco as his hand worked up underneath Harry's tee shirt to pinch his sensitive nipples. "Mm-mm...Merlin" whimpered Harry.

Draco yelled and froze as he glared at Harry's parakeet on his shoulder"Let me kill and stuff this bloody bird."
Tags: fic length: drabble, genre: humour, rating: pg-13

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