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Fics from H/D Career Fair in which Draco tops

centopiedi asked for fic recs from hd_career_fair and as this may be of general interest I am posting an entirely random list of stories from the Career Fair in which Draco tops. I'm sure I am missing some great fics from the Fair where Draco tops, as well. Please be adding your recs from the Fair in comments!!

lotus_lizzy, Normal Does It, with art by cydienne

leela_cat, No Animagi, No Polyjuice, No Sparkling Vampires

winnett, History of the War

snegurochka_lee, Light as Iron, Singed as Pearl
Warning: one bottom!Draco scene (but you've not seen another dom!Draco like this one)

mahaliem, Greeting Expectations

hogwartsvixxxen, ASSassSINS

lovesmymovement, You Can Have Me However You Like Me, Sir

musamihi, In the Stream

blamebrampton, Little Red Courgette*

cassie_black12, The Boy Who Baked

cokeacola2006, Bewitching Baubles

And this is not really decided on the issue of who will top eventually, but has a very strong and original Draco:
i_l0ve_my_az, Don’t Let’s Stop or The Case of the Dead Philandering Politician (A Draco Malfoy Mystery)
Tags: [admin] save list, rec, type: fic

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