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Recommending some bottom!Harry top!Draco stories from recent fests!

I have saved some links and hope this would make it easier for you all to find and read.

1) Flying Colours by Gatewaygirl for hdsbeltane

2) Heart in a Bubble by aquila_star for hd_parallel

3) In search of perfection by naturegirlrocks for hd_parallel

ALL the following are written for HD Happy smoochfest
4) Contacts by maja_li

5) Of Polyjuice and Fairy Dust by qumabh

6) A Pirate's Life for me by killerangels13

7) Love Dance by silenceberry

8) Charming by tigersilver (most of the time in this fic, also imply top!Harry bottom!Draco)

She has made some minor adjustment, so I post her lj version instead...
If not, please visit here

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