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What a Malfoy Wants. . .

Title: What A Malfoy Wants. . .
Author: kittyficpix
Beta: This is currently un-betaed. I'm always looking for someone to help out with this!
Rating: Adult NC-17
WordCount: Approx 1180
Summary: A Malfoy always takes what they want.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings: dubcon
Disclaimer: I own nothing. JK Rowling owns everything. Everything here is strictly done for hobby and fun. No money is being made.
Notes: 8th year fic. Happy ending. This is my first attempt at adult content so hopefully it's not terrible!

Draco was on his way back to the dorm after Arithmancy, his last class of the day. Instead of following his classmates outside to take advantage of the last of the day's sunlight, he was headed back to the 8th year dorm. There was something that Draco Malfoy wanted and had wanted for a long time. If there was one principle that Draco still stood on even now, it was. . . 'what a Malfoy wants, they take - by force or otherwise'. After the war a lot of things may have changed, but that one truth in life had not changed, nor would it ever. He had already proven that fact many times over in the few months since that bloody war had ended. It was simply a matter of Malfoy honor. The name of his ancestors may not mean much to the Wizarding World but it still meant something to him and he was determined to right that terrible grievance. The Malfoy name would regain it's rightful place in the world if it was the last thing he did.

As he entered his room, shared by none other than Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, he put his plan into action by shooting a silencing spell followed by a locking charm at the door to their shared room. Draco mused to himself as he strutted into the room, 'It's funny how fate has a way of turning out in the last way that you ever think it will. Like the fact that Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater, was now rooming with the Savior of the Wizarding World'.

That's how he found himself looking down at the sleeping form of the messy haired boy and knowing exactly what it was he wanted and knowing that he was indeed prepared to take it no matter the cost. Draco grinned a feral grin as he walked closer to the bed of his one time enemy. This was it, time to bloody take what he wanted. He leaned over the bed where Harry was sprawled and felt his body react. It was a familiar feeling as his cock twitched at the sight of this boy who had been such a large part of his life for so long. With a few flicks of his wand, Harry's clothes vanished and his wrists were latched onto the bedpost. It was then, being so forcefully woken, that Harry reacted. He looked up at Draco with a wild expression in his eyes, a mixture of surprise and fear. Draco relished the emotions playing across the raven-haired boys face.

"What are you doing Draco?", Harry all but whimpered as he looked around the room in a frenzy.

Draco sneered, "I would think that would be obvious even for you, Potter. A Malfoy takes what he wants and I want you. I suggest you be a brave little Gryffindor and cooperate, because as you can see, I have the upperhand here." Draco's cock gave another fierce twitch at that thought.

Harry looked utterly confused, and definitely shaken, as Draco quickly stripped off his own pants and shorts and climbed onto the bed, purposefully seeking friction for himself on Harry's leg as he moved into position. Hearing another whimper from Harry, Draco thought this couldn't possibly be going better. Draco trailed his hands slowly over Harry's shoulders and down to his hips and saw a shiver run through the body of the boy beneath him.

Without looking again at the astonished face beneath him, Draco forced Harry's legs up and his knews bent. Without waiting, he leaned down to lick a stripe across Harry's exposed crack. Draco smirked as he felt a shudder go through the other boy's body. Without ever taking his eyes off of the sight of Harry's arse, Draco clumsily grabbed his wand and muttered a quick lubrication spell at his hand. He slid his well lubed hand thru the crack of Harry's arse along the same path that his tongue had just followed. Harry cried out loudly as Draco slipped two wet fingers deftly into his puckered hole. The sound from Harry spurred Draco on, and he pumped his fingers into the tight hole softly at first, but gaining speed and force as he went. Harry whimpered again a sound Draco surmised sounded a lot like 'no', but it just hastened Draco even more. Draco looked down at Harry, and there was an unreadable expression on his face as Draco impaled him on his fingers. He looked into bright green eyes this time as he bent his fingers at an angle. Again Harry cried out, but this time it was in pleasure and not pain, as Draco expertly hit his prostrate. Draco watched Harry's traitorous cock jump as he Scissored his fingers one last time and then removed his hand.

Slicking himself with what was left of the lube, he climbed further up the bed and pressed his body to his captive's. Draco placed his cock at Harry's entrance, and chancing one more look into the stunned face, he saw a new emotion there that he could only describe as desire. Chuckling to himself, Draco pushed forcefully into Harry until he was fully seated in the impossible heat and tightness. He felt Harry stiffen beneath him and he paused for a moment. Draco closed his eyes in extreme pleasure and tried to get control of himself. He wanted this moment to last as long as possible. Hearing Harry moan beneath him nearly did him in, but he forced himself to begin to slide in and out of Harry's now loosened hole. Feeling once again in control, Draco wrapped his hand around Harry's cock and stroked it to full hardness as he moved inside him. Harry moaned again and this time it sounded more like, 'Draco'.

As much as he wanted this to last, Draco could feel the pressure building and from the look on Harry's face he felt it too. Contunuing to stroke and pull and slide and move, it didn't take long before he felt Harry's body tense up under him and convulse in waves of pleasure. Feeling the hold on his cock get even tighter, as the body beneath his clamped around him, Draco lost the last bit of control he was holding onto and let himself fall over the edge of ecstasy with his orgasm. As both boys rode out the last of their shudders of pleasure, Draco collapsed on top of Harry's body.

Draco rolled slowly off and positioned himself flat on his back next to the boy who was still latched to the bed. With only moving his arm, he was able to reach his wand and he performed the charm that would release his prey. Harry's hands came free and immediately wrapped themselves around Draco as he pressed himself closer to the one who had just taken him so forcefully with out permission.

Nuzzling and kissing Draco's neck, Harry asked his boyfriend, "How did you know that was one of my fantasies?"

Pulling his love closer to him, Draco whispered, "Don't you know Harry? I make it my business to know everything there is to know about you."

Tags: fic length: ficlet, genre: romance, genre: smut, kink: dub-con, rating: nc-17

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