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ART REC #1: "Mine" by Red Rahl and Myrafur (2006)

For the Month of February I will be reccing top!Draco art to the comm. Everybody must have seen this one coming ... ;) This just to get us all ready for the awesome

dracotops_harry Fest!
Posting starts on March 3! ♠

Art and banner by veridari.

Top!Draco Art Rec #1:

Title: Mine
Artists: red_rahl and myrafur
Flock? This art is flocked. You have to be a member of rahly_furverted to see it.
Other link: here. This seems to be an unauthorised upload. I am only linking because the art in the comm is flocked.
First posted? 2006-01-18
Rating: light R, NWS
Warnings: none
Summary: by charlotteschaos
No matter how neurotic he felt about the way people looked at Harry, or how well-practiced his lectures were, it always ended up like this; mostly naked, tangled up in Harry, flush with arousal and suppressed anxiety. "You're mine, Harry. You're all mine."

Harry responded as he always did, with the coy, secure smile that understood that Draco needed him beyond his ability to express in other ways. "Shh, Draco. I'm all yours."

Why you should all look at this art:
Okay, it's by red_rahl. The red_rahl who's given us gorgeous, kissing older H/D and panty-melting hot pirate!Harry and Commodore!Draco [switching!]. Her Draco is often more forceful, even when he's bottoming, and she has a serious knack for rendering the boys as grown, mature, beautiful men. Also, she draws the cutest chibi H/D [bottom!Draco!]. ;)
I've only recently discovered this older art by Red and Myrafur, and it blew my mind. Draco and Harry are not even all naked, but there's such a need there from Draco to claim Harry and make him his, again and again. I love Harry in this, his almost sleepy, indulgent smile and the way he gives in and lets Draco push his legs apart. That gentle almost-touch of Harry's finger to Draco's shoulder is awesome - a small reminder to Draco that while Harry is all his, Harry does have a mind of his own. I love the dynamic between them that is captured in this one moment. Also - skin! hair! colours! Draco's nipple! Harry's eyelashes! ♥

Do enjoy: Mine
Tags: artist: red_rahl, rating: r, rec

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