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ART REC #2: "Passing the Wand" by Gold Loewin (2008)

Top!Draco Art Rec #2:

Title: Passing the Wand
Artist: gold_loewin
Flock? open access at hd_inspired
Other link: none that I could find | goldloewin at is "in storage" (whatever that means)
First posted? 2008-05-24
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: images not work-safe (even if looks like it in the beginning)
Summary: These days, it seems almost impossible to get the attention of the Savior of the Wizarding World. However, Draco has a cunning plan. *purrrrrs*

Why you should all look at this art:
gold_loewin already left fandom when I came around and much of her art is gone or under flock. But everything that is still available by her is awesome. Don't miss out on the art she created for Big Bang, Baby 3 and her heart-breaking The Ecstasies of Flying, Floating and Falling [top!Draco ♥].
"Passing the Wand" is series of panels with animagus!Draco, created for hd_inspired's Animagus Exchange. What makes me come back to this art again and again is how Draco's sweet and uberfluffy animagus (*surprise*) turns into such a forceful, possessive (and possessing) Draco. Be prepared for gut impact when you are scrolling down. Draco's transformation from animagus to human is only sketched out, but so intense! And maybe it's only me who is total sucker for passionate kissing and hand-jobs given from the back, but Merlin, look at Draco's hands, how he has Harry's body in total control, and how Harry twists so desperately to reach Draco's mouth for a kiss. *iz ded*

Do enjoy: Passing the Wand
Tags: rating: nc-17, rec

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