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ART REC #5: "Lazy H/D" by Glockgal

Top!Draco Art Rec #5:
Title: Lazy H/D
Artist: glockgal, art comm glockart
Flock? open access on web page
Other link: no alternative link that I could find; if you click on "Harry/Draco" on the top menu you get thumbnails of all of Glockgal's H/D art
First posted? no date given
Rating: R (for suggestion)
Warnings: none

Why you should all look at this art: glockgal is one of the most popular HP fanartists. She has drawn almost every character from the books and done some lovely H/D, often with a toppy!Draco.
I had a hard time choosing which of her H/D art to select for this rec. I easily could have chosen this beautiful scene of naked H/D, all in subtle pastel colours and Draco with gorgeous silver-white hair. Or I could have simply chosen her gorgeous Draco tops icon-like picture.
My choice for "Lazy H/D" really has to do with how oddly intriguing I find this pic. There is so much detail in the posture, the clothing and their facial expression that I keep coming back to simply stare. Harry and Draco are both fully dressed, and we don't really see what Draco is doing. The title suggests a lazy afternoon fuck, so I am presuming that's where the scene is heading. But we are only at the beginning. Draco just got Harry's tie off and is undressing him, exploring his chest under the open shirt. Yet still, there is such passion already in this Harry with his one raised arm towards Draco - to spur him on? to defend himself? Harry's other hand is gripping his own hair in a gesture of compliance? need? resistance? Draco seems almost at a loss as to what to make of Harry's intense reactions to his touch. Whatever is happening, I love the positioning of their bodies and the sheer energy that radiates from this simple inked drawing. And I'd love to hear what you all think is going on in this picture. ♥

Do enjoy: Lazy H/D
Tags: rating: r, rec

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