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A top!Draco/bottom!Harry Community

Where Pink Unicorns Fly Through the Sky

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Draco tops Harry
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top!Draco bottom!Harry
♦ Welcome, top!Draco lovers! ♦

It has been said that Draco will only top Harry
when pink unicorns fly through the sky.
Beware that in this community pink unicorns
are flying through the sky all the time.

The dracotops_harry Fest is

• ... running on LiveJournal and AO3. We post a header and a link on LiveJournal, the actual fanwork is on AO3.
• ... cross-posting on Dreamwidth and tumblr.
• ... a non-anon fest. All fanworks are posted with the creators' names.
• ... is not a self-posting fest. The mods to the posting of the header posts on LiveJournal. Participants post their fanworks to an unrevealed Collection on AO3, and the mods reveal the fanworks, one or two per day.

Fest Rules and FAQ

dracotops_harry is a community for Draco/Harry fan creations in which Draco tops. If you don't like slash or are turned off by the idea of Draco topping (or Harry bottoming), please don't join!

You must be over the age of 17 to join this community!

Do post your art, fiction, your recommendations and thoughts about top!Draco/bottom!Harry here. Please make sure that Draco tops in everything you post. Fics in which the boys switch are fine as long as the story is predominately top!Draco. Please indicate in warnings or summary that there is switching. And keep in mind that people joined this community because they want to read about top!Draco and bottom!Harry.

If you are organising a fest or any other fannish event that fits with the purpose of this comm, you are welcome to promote it here. You need to be a member to post.

Be respectful of your mods and fellow members. Hate comments and hate memes are not permitted. Flamers will be banned from the comm without warning.

If you post art or fiction, please use the following template:

  • For correct html and LJ-coding, check out phoenixacid's Newbie's Guide to HTML.

  • Please have your stories beta-read before you post to the community.

  • We have now tagged all entries (go, memphisgreen!!) Please make use of the tags when posting. If you need a new tag, just drop the mods a mail or comment.

  • Please give specific warnings for potentially upsetting, disturbing or dark themes.

If you are looking for recommendations for stories featuring top!Draco, check out our Links List (on the left sidebar).

You can reach us at all times at dracotopsharry@gmail.com.

The mods
digthewriter and vaysh

The dracotops_harry Fest Round 5 (April 2015):

Art by Random., banner by corona_0304.

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Fest Masterlist DTH Fest 2015

The dracotops_harry Fest Round 4 (April 2014):

Art by luoo, banner by corona_0304.

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The dracotops_harry Fest Round 3 (April 2013):

fest banner2013
Art by jackt, banner by corona_0304

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The dracotops_harry Fest Round 2 (April 2012):

fest banner2012
Art and Banner by scarletscarlet.

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The dracotops_harry Fest Round 1 (March 2011):

fest banner2011
Art and Banner by veridari.

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Fest Masterlist DTH Fest 2011


Layout by thefulcrum.
Header by the lovely hyuknice.

All the fiction and art posted in this community is fanfiction or fanart. The authors/artists do not own Harry Potter nor any of the characters from JK Rowling's original books or the movies. No copyright infringement is intended, no money is made from the creation of these fanworks.

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