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DTH FIC and ART: On Reverse, by DrarryProdigy

Title: On Reverse
Author and Artist: drarryprodigy (ArtisticProdigy)
Prompt: # 15
Summary: Draco wanted to try a new position for their next love making. It was Hot and Sexy.
Rating: Explicit | NC-17
Warning(s): None
Word Count: ~1000
Author's Notes: It is here!! Another work of mine!! First, I would like to thank my Beta, BrandonStrayne from Drarry Discord group, you, are a lifesaver. God, I almost thought I would be late again because I don't have a beta while I'm already biting my arse for getting the art done. But hey! I got the fic Beta-ed and I was so happy I thought I was about to cry. So, thank you again for my wonderful Beta.
Now onto the fic itself. This is actually prompted by me as well. At first I was about to choose someone else's prompt, because last year Art prompts are like... BAM. Almost gone. Taken. So, I thought to give out some Art prompts if anyone interested and left it for a few days when prompt taking is open. I checked when the day of claiming is nearing the end, and decided to choose my own. I like the idea I had and no one is doing it. So I was like "Eh. Let's do it then."
//And excuse the bad summary. I have no idea what to say for a smut only wink wink yeah?

( On Reverse )