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PODFIC: Moneymaker, written by dicta_contrion, read by Agent Moppet

A Happy Easter/Spring Weekend for all of you!

Title: [podfic] Moneymaker
Author: dicta_contrion
Reader: agentmoppet
Cover Artist: capitu
Author's Summary: As a top trader, Draco has power and money, suits and cars, houses and good champagne - everything a person could want. So when Auror Potter comes looking for help, Draco can't think of anything that might persuade him to lend a hand.
Well...maybe one thing.
Story: Moneymaker
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Mildly Dubious Consent, Blow Jobs, Face-fucking, Anal Sex, Office Sex, Suit Kink, Praise Kink, Dom/sub Undertones, Tension, Suits, Martinis, Leather Jackets, Muggle Life, Muggle/Wizard Relations, Draco Malfoy in the Muggle World, Auror Harry Potter, Negotiations, Banter
Length: 01:56:17
Download Link(s): mp3 (119.4 MB)
Reader's Notes: Thank you so much dicta for letting me read this, and betweentheloins for beta-ing :) And of course capitu for such a gorgeous cover. <3

Click on cover for download on AO3.


FIC: Too Slytherin for His Own Good (NC-17)

Title: Too Slytherin for His Own Good
Author: roxannepackard
Prompt: #43 by themightyflynn
Summary: Draco Malfoy is running out of time. He's supposed to be married with an heir on the way by his 25th birthday or he'll lose his status as heir to the Malfoy fortune. Instead, he's wasted the last two years in self indulgence. In something close to desperation, he comes up with a crazy plan that might just give him everything he's ever wanted.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings | Content Notes: dubious consent, lust potion
Word Count: 10914

( Too Slytherin For His Own Good )


FIC: Higher and Higher (Temptation) (NC-17)

Title: Higher and Higher (Temptation)
Author: birdsofshore
Prompt: #165
Summary: Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint... and Draco’s no saint.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Themes of D/s and consent
Word Count: ~28.5 k
Author's Notes: Many thanks to lomonaaeren for a prompt that nearly broke my brain. Writing a long and smutty fic for a fest was not really how I planned to spend my spare time over the last six weeks, but her wickedly-good scenario would not be denied.
Thank you so much to my wonderful beta for her endless stores of patience and smart advice. Thank you also to the mods for their generosity with extensions, and for running this fantastic fest.
The title is from Temptation by Heaven 17.

( Higher and Higher (Temptation) )

FIC: Love is a Deserter (NC-17)

Title: Love is a Deserter
Author: wantsunicorns
Prompt: #32
Summary: After an unexpected encounter, Harry finds himself questioning everything he thought he knew about the world he lives in. The deeper he digs, the more disturbing are the things he finds. He is torn between setting things right and the harm that could do to the people he loves. Eventually he has to realise that some things are larger than him and that or everything to get better he might actually have to start with himself.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): (highlight for details): *mild gore, mildly dubious consent (for touching), mention of abuse*
Word Count: ~16K
Author's Notes: Thanks to smirkingcat for the cheerleading and beta, this fic would never have been written without you. Also thanks to their mods and their incredible patience. Last but not least, thanks to the prompter, capitu I’ve always wanted to write a fic about permanent injury or disability and now I finally got the chance.

( Love is a Deserter )

FIC: Can't Think Straight (NC-17)

Title: Can't Think Straight
Author: digthewriter
Prompt: #126
Summary: Being in love with your straight friend is never a good idea. Especially when said friend lives with you. Or, what happens when you give your straight friend a blow job. That's probably a bad idea too.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s)/Content: Strong Language. Explicit Sex. Denial. Pining. Minor GFY trope. Mention of previous sexual history between Harry/OMC and Draco/OFC.
Word Count: 9,500
Author's Notes: Prompt by allyfally. Thanks to M and J for all their help, all the remaining mistakes are mine. All my thanks to the MODs for the extension. Dear reader, I hope you enjoy this story.

( Can't Think Straight )

FIC: A Better Bargain Driven (R)

Title: A Better Bargain Driven
Author: lomonaaeren
Prompt: #64
Summary: Two years of war. Draco’s forgotten what it’s like to want something possible. But now, he has two things: the possibility of freedom from the Dark Lord, and Harry Potter’s arse. Perhaps not in that order.
Rating: R
Warning(s): (highlight for details): * Dub-con at the beginning, AU (Draco never returned to Hogwarts after he became a Death Eater, and Dumbledore didn’t die), torture and gore, use of a truth potion*
Word Count: 21,500
Author's Notes: Thank you for such an intriguing prompt, centopiedi. I hope the fic pleases! Thanks much to my betas, Linda and Karen. The title for this fic comes from the Sir Philip Sidney poem quoted at the beginning.

( A Better Bargain Driven )

19 Years and 5 Minutes Later

Author: TheMightyFlynn
Title: 19 Years and 5 Minutes Later
Rating: Explicit
Other pairing/s but D/H (if applicable): Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny
Summary: Five minutes after his happily-ever-after, Harry finds himself locked in the public loos with an angry Draco Malfoy and a need that he has denied for 19 years.
A/N: So, this has been finished for a few months now, but I honestly can't remember whether I ever posted it here once I decided to continue it beyond the one-shot it started as. The dub-con and humiliation tags are applicable for the first few chapters only :)

Read on: livejournal OR Ao3

FIC: Resistance (NC-17)

Title: Resistance
Author: lamerezouille
Prompt: # 6
Summary: (from the prompt) While trying to help one of his former Death Eater friends leave the country, Draco messes up so horribly he winds up bonded to Harry.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): (highlight for details): *dubcon, brief thought of suicide, discussions of rape*
Word Count: ~10k
Author’s Notes: Dear this_bloody_cat, you said you fucking love kink, and it’s not my forte, but I tried to include some kinks anyway. This fic got a bit away from me, but I hope you’ll like it. And a bazillion of thanks to khalulu for her invaluable beta, and to the mods for putting up with my dreadful tardiness! ♥ ♥ ♥

( Resistance )

FIC: Dark Bondage (NC-17)

Title: Dark Bondage
Author: hpstrangelove
Prompt: # 48
Summary: Harry enjoys fantasizing about kinky sex while watching his favorite porn star, Drake Malfoy, on the Dark Bondage website. When Harry has a chance to meet Drake in person, he learns that Drake wasn’t always the confidant dom he now portrays in his videos.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): non-con & bondage sexual fantasy, mention of non-con and sexual slavery (not between Draco and Harry)
Word Count: 3,615
Author's Notes: This is nothing really more than PWP and totally AU, non-magical, and takes place somewhere unspecified in the United States.
Many thanks to my wonderful friends sestra_prior for SpaG and Britpick, and winoniel for additional last minute SpaG. And thank you so much to the mods for running this fest. It’s always one of my favorites.

Collapse )


FIC: Put a Price on My Soul (NC-17)

Title: Put a Price on My Soul
Author: lamerezouille
Prompt: # 197
Summary: Harry has become used to being a whore in the crapsack wizarding world that’s now governed by Voldemort. Everything changes when Malfoy becomes his new pimp.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): dub-con/non-con of the prostitution variety, sexual violence
Word Count: ~12k
Author's Notes: Thanks to inglevine for all of her invaluable input, and to bibliophile for her thorough correction. Title from the Ida Maria song Oh My God.

( Put a Price on My Soul )