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PODFIC: Landslide, by libby_drew, read by mothlights

Title: Landslide
Author: libby_drew
Reader: mothlights, favicon mothlights
Beta: margi_lynn
Story: Landslide
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): None
Author's Summary: Harry Potter disappears, taking a sick Teddy Lupin with him. While everyone searches for their missing hero, Draco's life continues as it always has. Rumors of curses and kidnapping don't interest him. As Hogwarts' guardian, he has only one concern: the strange, miraculous events occurring on the cliffs outside the castle walls.
Cover Artist: newgrange
Length: 03:35:55 hours
Download Link(s): MP3 and M4B at AO3.
Reader's Notes: Thanks to Libby Drew for permission to record a classic and favorite story.
--- Special thanks to margi_lynn (aka majoline & margi_lynn on AO3). This is the 5th time she's been a beta for me, and the second time on a podfic of over 3 hours, checking every word against the text and offering notes, suggestions and encouragement throughout. She makes it all better. Any errors are muddles I've made post-beta.
--- Thanks to my OH, newgrange, for the art!
--- Thanks to the mods for all their help and for making this fest happen every year!
--- As always, thanks to paraka for podfic hosting.

Landslide cover art by newgrange

Streaming (To stream on your mobile, click MP3 at AO3.)


PODFIC: The Virtues of the Common Cold, written by Sheafrotherdon | Read by Mothlights

YAY, Friday! We got 2 entries today. ;)

The Virtues of the Common Cold (and Other Wizarding Primers) [podfic]
Author: sheafrotherdon
Reader: mothlights
Beta: properyounglady
Author's Summary: A little comedy, a little fluff, a little snark-tastic Malfoy to get the New Year off to a good start
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Harry
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Cover Art: by mothlights
Length: 00:20:07
File Size: MP3 11.8 MB | M4B 12 MB
Link to Text: On LJ, On AO3
Podficcer's Notes: Thanks to properyounglady for beta listening! Thanks to sheafrotherdon for a story that's been a favorite for years, and for the transformative works policy on her profile... a bonus that makes a shy podficcer's life that much easier. :) Thanks to the Mods for another year of fest joy. ♥

Common Cold