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DTH 2021 [ART]: It's raining men.

Title: It's Raining Men
Artist: artisticProdigy/drarryProdigy
Prompt: # 9
Summary: When Draco took off the bandage, it felt just right.
Rating: General
Warning(s): Post Surgery
Medium: Digital Art
Artist's Notes: Hello! Thanks for having me in the event again and thank you for Tainara_black for the prompt! As a genderfluid person, I must take this prompt (and run with it to the art app)! I also would like to thank the DTH mods for their hard work for keeping this event running through the years! It's always a pleasure to see the contents here (hohoho). Hope to see you guys again in the next event! Enjoy my art <3

(It's Raining Men)

DTH 2021 [ART]: Packed Lunch

Title: Packed Lunch
Artist: eggcheeseham
Prompt: # 51
Summary: “Honestly, Potter, is that all you’ve brought for lunch today? No wonder you’re so thin. Here... take mine.”
Rating:General Audiences
Warning(s): none
Medium: Digital art
Artist's Notes: I used the prompt as the summary since idk how else to describe this piece lol
I'm super excited to participate in this fest again! kosibee had a super cute prompt which vibed with me ehe~
I felt this prompt was better fitted for a comic, and since I never made a comic before I thought it'd be great practice. I didn't have the time nor energy to make a fully rendered illustration piece (a bit burnt out from portfolio prep)
It's not very pretty or refined but its my first attempt after all ^^ hope you like it!!

(Packed Lunch)

DTH 2021 [ART]: The Prince & His Knight

Title: The Prince & His Knight
Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Prompt: # 4 from veelawings (Royalty AU. A is a Prince (not 1st in line for the throne) and B is his faithful Servant or Knight.)
Summary: The prince and his faithful knight watch as a new king is sworn in. Most people expected Prince Draco to be jealous but Draco is happy to have Harry and nothing else matters.
Rating: G
Medium: Digital. Photoshop & some digital filters.
Artist's Notes: Dear Veelawings, I wanted to create something for you, I hope you like it. You are always so kind with your comments on my fic and art and I really appreciate you in the fandom! You are such a gem! ♥ The prince and the knight theme made me think of a chess board which was mostly the inspiration for this.

(The Prince & His Knight)

DTH FEST: [ART] No one could look as good as you.

Title: No one could look as good as you
Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter | [tumblr.com profile] digtheshipper
Prompt: # 128
Summary: Harry wants to be pretty sometimes.
Rating: PG
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: Title is from Pretty Woman. Prompt by itsherlocked (ao3). So I finished this while watching Series One of The Witcher so any similarities are totally coincidental.


DTH FEST: [ART] White Veil

Title: White Veil
Artist: EggCheeseHam
Prompt: # 13
Summary: After many years, Draco and Harry celebrate their big day.
Rating: G
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: for prompt # 13: wedding day scene
Hihi! Thanks for having me in this event! I'm a relatively new member to the hp fandom (just caught up with the franchise a few months ago), and the fest is a nice opportunity for me to meet other creators.
Dig, your prompt was so soft I couldn't resist! I really wanted an excuse to draw Harry wearing a veil..
I was originally planning to draw the wedding reception or some other grand scene, but instead I settled for a really dramatic pose w dramatic lighting.
I also had an entire sketch page drawn but I ended up hating it so I tossed it. I only kept one sketch so I spent time to render it. can you tell that I love dramatic lighting a bit too much

(White Veil)

DTH FIC and ART: On Reverse, by DrarryProdigy

Title: On Reverse
Author and Artist: drarryprodigy (ArtisticProdigy)
Prompt: # 15
Summary: Draco wanted to try a new position for their next love making. It was Hot and Sexy.
Rating: Explicit | NC-17
Warning(s): None
Word Count: ~1000
Author's Notes: It is here!! Another work of mine!! First, I would like to thank my Beta, BrandonStrayne from Drarry Discord group, you, are a lifesaver. God, I almost thought I would be late again because I don't have a beta while I'm already biting my arse for getting the art done. But hey! I got the fic Beta-ed and I was so happy I thought I was about to cry. So, thank you again for my wonderful Beta.
Now onto the fic itself. This is actually prompted by me as well. At first I was about to choose someone else's prompt, because last year Art prompts are like... BAM. Almost gone. Taken. So, I thought to give out some Art prompts if anyone interested and left it for a few days when prompt taking is open. I checked when the day of claiming is nearing the end, and decided to choose my own. I like the idea I had and no one is doing it. So I was like "Eh. Let's do it then."
//And excuse the bad summary. I have no idea what to say for a smut only wink wink yeah?

( On Reverse )


DTH ART: A Good Day to Relax, by Digthewriter

Title: A Good Day To Relax
Artist: digthewriter
Prompt: # 8 (Art. In a muggle park just so they can get away from everything for awhile and relax.) by lijahlover.
Summary: Getting away from everything and just being with each other.
Rating: G
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: I hope you guys like it. I always do this to procrastinate from writing fic. I pick an art prompt. HA.

( A Good Day To Relax )


DTH ART: Say You Won't Let Go, by sugareey (R)

Title: Say You Won't Let Go
Artist: sugareey
Prompt: # 6
Summary: Harry and Draco couldn't get enough of each other, so they resorted to late night strolls within the castle's corridors. Usually, that meant "catching up", or engaging in really heated snogging sessions.
Rating: Mature/R (just in case)
Warning(s): While there is snogging, there is also the implication of sexual activity that's about to happen (aka the trousers are coming off).
Medium: Digital Art
Artist's Notes: lijahlover, this prompt was irresistible, so I had to snag it! It's classic for Harry and Draco and I thought it would be fun getting them somewhere dark-ish and alone. I know there are a few details I left out (like Draco's shirt still being tucked in and having torches instead of candles), but I hope some of the other surprises make up for it. Enjoy. Cheers! ;D

( Say You Won't Let Go )


DTH ART: Paper Hearts, by Cylsus (G)

Title: Paper Hearts
Artist: cylsus
Prompt: # 161
Summary: Magical origami is not so much about waving a wand and more so about imbuing the paper with one’s intended meaning. Draco learns, with Harry’s help, that they might have the same message in mind.
Rating: G
Warning(s): none
Medium: Digital
Artist's Notes: Massive thanks, as always, to the mods for their patience and loveliness! sugareey, I loved your prompt and I hope you like what I've done with it!

Collapse )

( Paper Hearts (on AO3) )
( Paper Hearts (full size original on Imgur) )